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2010 - Online Backup and Storage

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Online Backup Solution Ranking.

IDrive, SugarSync, ElephantDrive,Mozy, Carbonite, Dropbox, IBackup

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IDrive, SugarSync, ElephantDrive, Mozy, Carbonite,, Dropbox


2010 Best Online Backup Solution for Value

SolutionSave™ Online Backup

SolutionSave™ has a long established online backup solution perfect for families with basic needs to protect their data. The SolutionSave™ product is secure, allows unlimited PCs on a single account and has true 24/7 live phone support (a perfect fit for over 90% of our clients). You may want to concider the SolutionSave™ Online Backup Solution first.

We also recognize some of our clients require a more in depth feature set, thus we researched and found World Class solutions to support those needs. See Report below.


SolutionSave™ reviewed IDrive, Mozy, SugarSync,, Carbonite, Dropbox, IBackup & More...why IDrive?


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June 29, 2010.

2010 Online Backup Review and Ranking

Online Backup Comparison Chart- IDrive, SugarSync, ElephantDrive, Mozy, Carbonite,, Dropbox

SolutionSave™ reviewed multiple Online Backup and Storage solutions for the individual and small business to compliment the SolutionSave™ online backup solution. During the process we selected the primary individual pay package offered by each provider and compared the product, support and price points.

For the complete solution PLUS the best bang for the buck, SolutionSave™ picks IDrive for Online Backup.

June 15, 2010. SolutionSave-IDrive

IDrive delivers an exceptional product, great security, quality support, while offering 150GB of storage for a nominal fee. Even though most of the hard drives on personal computers today are well above 250 GB in size, the majority of users will not require more than 75 GB for an online backup solution.

IDrive solutions include: IDrive Basic, IDrive Pro Personal (noted above), IDrive Pro Family (up to 5 PCs), IDrive Pro Business and IDrive Rapid Serve.

With IDrive's "Rapid Serve" product, initial backups which will take multiple days due to internet connectivity throughput are reduced to a few hours. The long initial upload is true even on premium high speed connections with any of the reviewed providers, but the IDrive Rapid Serve product resolves what can be an excessive initial lag time.

SugarSync & the Honorable Mention:

If you focus the review on features and functionality, SugarSync is at the top of our list. SugarSync has a quality product that is easy to use, contains a wide range of features, great security and good upload/download speeds. If SugarSync were to expand their support to include direct live telephone access and improve their price point on cost/GB, SugarSync could have taken the crown. Try SugarSync FREE for 30 daysElephant Drive.

One service that caught SolutionSave™ by surprise was Elephant Drive.  Not as well known, Elephant Drive ranked very well overall for online backup solutions and we look forward to seeing their progress in the future. Try an ElephantDrive Free trial.

Mozy vs Carbonite

Mozy and Carbonite are the most well know by the masses in the online backup/storage space and they have a great marketing force behind them. To compare Mozy vs Carbonite, we see it as 6 of one and 1/2 a dozen of the other type of choice. Though Mozy and Carbonite performed well, the final ranking put their service in the middle of the pack when comparing the top online backup/storage providers. Overall Mozy and Carbonite are good online backup solutions. The biggest recommendation we would have for Mozy and Carbonite is to impliment an easily accessible phone support system for their base pay products.

Business Class- IBackup & SugarSync

For most small businesses, SolutionSave™ sees IDrive as a good online backup solution. For BUSINESS solutions with more support and functionality required, we see SugarSync and IBackup as the leaders.

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SolutionSave- Additional Solutions and Information

2010 Best Online Backup Solution for Value


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Additional 'Cash Back' or 'Donate to a Cause'

IDrive Review and now Partnership

SolutionSave™ conducted a formal review of multiple Online Backup and Storage solutions in December 2009 and May 2010 to find the Best Online Backup and Storage. Key factors for ranking included independent third party analysis, feature set, security, storage/price, ease of use and support. During our December 2009 review, IDrive was still in the middle of the pack. Since that time, IDrive has continued to improve in all categories and became the clear front running in May of 2010. Additionally, due to IDrive's overall improvement, SolutionSave™ believes IDrive's business solution is also developing into a quality product. In our research, SolutionSave™ identified some unfavorable reviews of IDrive which were quickly addressed by their staff in anonymous calls to IDrive's administration. SolutionSave™ is impressed with the commitment IDrive has to say ahead of the market and act on improvements requested by its users for online backup and storage solutions. SolutionSave™ will continue to review the online storage service provided by IDrive and appreciate all feedback to ensure our recommendations maintain the highest quality.

Once SolutionSave™ selects a partner, our goal is to allow customers to utilize the existing deals, coupons, promos, discount codes etc available through the partner plus provide a means to get additional 'cash back' or 'donate to a cause'. IDrive provides discounts/promotional codes for its online backup and storage solutions and SolutionSave™ adds additional benefits or savings.

Why Cash Back instead of Coupon Codes, Promos, Discounts or Instant Deals for Backup and Storage Solutions?

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